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Value growth through focused expertise and development

Orion’s strategy is to focus on world class Volcanogenic Massive Sulphide (VMS) multi-commodity mineral deposits to meet the increasing industrial demand led by ongoing technological innovation. This demand is reflected in the ongoing upward trend in the prices for copper and zinc. The company has targeted geological terranes known for VMS potential and shortlisted world class mineral provinces, where modern exploration techniques would then be applied to prove its mining potential. This search has resulted in Orion securing a large consolidated land package (1,790km2) in the proven Areachap Minerals Belt in South Africa, which includes the Prieska Zinc-Copper project, as well as highly prospective zones with VMS and precious metals potential. The Prieska project brings additional upside for Orion shareholders – due diligence of historic data shows unmined mineral resources exist around the current infrastructure footprint that includes a primary shaft (1,024m deep) in addition to links to power, transport and water. Fast-tracking development of these projects will deliver on Orion’s growth strategy as mine development and time to market are significantly reduced. This will realise quicker returns for shareholders that is not typical for early stage exploration companies.

To deliver on its strategy Orion will continue to:

  • Fast-track its exploration drilling programme
  • Use the best independent industry experts to complete Resource and Reserve delineation resulting in a Bankable Feasibility Study, leading to mine development
  • Unlock the potential of the mineral belt using advanced geological and geophysical exploration techniques, thus securing a sustainable growth pipeline

Through this growth strategy the company will ensure sustainable returns for our local communities, shareholders and employees.