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You can download and view our broker research publications:

Broker Research Publications:

S2 Research Report – Valuation Update Post Closure of Strategic Funding Package Report (December 2023)
S2 Research Report – Valuation Update Post Independent Expert’s Report (November 2023)
S2 Research Report – Orion Placement (May 2023)
S2 Research Report – Copper 360 Comparison Report (May 2023)
S2 Research Report – Analysis of IDC Loan (October 2022)
S2-Research – Analysis on Capital Raise (June 2022)
S2-Research – Stream Funding Package (May 2022)
Mine Life – Resource Bulletin Profiling Orion (April 2022)
S2-Research – Optimising the Prieska Copper-Zinc Project (February 2022)
S2-Research – Orion – 1 Year On (November 2021)
S2-Research – Becoming a project diversified base metals play (August 2021)
S2-Research – Exploration Activities & Balance Sheet Restructuring (June 2021)
S2-Research – Okiep Copper Project Scoping Study Results Report (May 2021)
S2-Research – Proposed Acquisition Okiep Copper Complex (February 2021)
S2-Research – Research Report – (November 2020)
Vunani Securities Report – (August 2019)
Euroz Reserach Report – Updated (15 Feb 2019)
Euroz Research Report – Updated (25 June 2018)
Hannam & Partners Research Report – Updated May 2018 (21 May 2018)
Hannam & Partners Research Report – Updated (17 April 2018)
Hannam & Partners Research Report (12 March 2018)
Euroz Research Report (01 March 2018)
IIR Research Report (8 June 2017)
IIR Research Initiation Report (06 September 2016)
Breakaway Research Report – February 2016 (03 February 2016)